• The Audio Dilemma

    I think by now it's no shame to say our biggest struggle in Dirty Old Bar is the audio. We are in a loud bar with music blasting while trying to capture good audio, and every audio engineer gives me a "You're fucking crazy" look when I tell them about our issue.

    I think there is something to say about independent, one man band style filmmakers and video producers always having be ready. because the best moments come in unexpectedly. My style: I usually carry my zoom recorder in my purse, always ready to whip it out, with my camera in my hand. Needless to say, I'm not an audio engineer. The Dirty Old Bar four carries on that same style- "Where's the zoom!?" "I don't know.. oh god it's on the table covered in beer!" We grab it in the moment and shove it in our interviewees face, not even thinking how it looks on camera.

    After a few episodes we got used the idea and started to enjoy that style of the zoom carelessly being in the shot. However, we did not enjoy how it sounded. We just did our best with what we had as shooter and not so much as audio engineers. So we did as every filmmaker does and got a real, damn good audio girl. Her name is Rachel. She showed up the first time we met her with a full on boom, band new zoom recorder, wireless lavs and shot gun mic. It was love at first site. Rachel is also a badass babe and we're super happy she's along for the ride. 

    She has made us realize that even though our rennegade style and semi-drunken antics are part of Dirty Old Bar, it's all shit if you don't have decent sound. From the first episode to the last, vast improvements have been made, and we are extremely grateful for that.