• Ashley Arabian

    Drink of choice: Fernet. Ashley believes art can be found in the darkest of holes, especially watering ones. A lover of food, drink, travel, and writing, she started DOB to show the art of storytelling from her favorite point of view.
  • Nicole Salmeri

    Drink of choice: Whiskey. Nicole loves capturing the stories and the beauty of our time period and the world around her. It's taken her to the wildest places and she can capture anything on the fly. Shooting and editing is what she does best and DOB is her favorite way to show people the wonderful parts of their cities.
  • Joelle Wagner

    Drink of choice: Dirty gin martini, or anything with too much lime. Joelle is a Bay Area native prone to silly faces and accents, who originally got behind the lens to capture music in a visual medium. After spending two years indulging in the posh landscape of French aperitifs, her heart drew her back to the no-nonsense open-hearted Californian spirit. She enjoys discovering and documenting the stories and talents of the hidden gems both behind and in front of the bar.
  • Brandy Troxler

    Drink of Choice: Whiskey. Brandy is a fast-talking tiny ball of energy and sass. Her innate desire to entertain the world led her to pick up a camera in college. When she's not tethered to an editing desk you can find her watching documentaries, camping, and eating french fries.
  • Rachael Bigelow

    Drink of choice: Moscow Mule. Originally from the East Coast, Rachael moved to the Bay Area to begin her career in audio post-production. Her love of music drove her to get in a recording studio and learn the art of sound recording and mixing. When she's not working, you can find her at a show, performing with her choir, hanging at the local record shop, hiking, or drinking a cold beer with some friends.